Comic Fury Zine 2022!
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Comic Fury Zine 2022!
10th Feb 2022, 8:00 PM
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Author Notes:
Hey ComicFurians! Just wanted to start building the hype for Comic Fury Zine 2022! The zine is moving into it's third year, and we keep improving the application process to help make things as smooth as possible for artists! I am posting this now to give artists ample time to start their applications, but also to keep readers/subscribers informed that more great comics are to come!

If you're interested in applying for CFZ, you can find information for due dates/themes below!

2022 Comic Fury Zine Application Schedule

We are also looking for help with fan art for first and second place winners of the CFZ Cover Art Contest. Our current volunteers, myself included, have had a lot of irl stuff going on, and juggling the zine production with as much care as possible is very work intensive. As such, we want to keep providing great fan art as part of the prize package, and are looking for anyone out there interested in making fan art. Full credit will be given to the artist when it's shared with the winners. Your art will also be posted in one (or more) of the Comic Fury Zine threads in the Community Projects section :D

If you're interested, please reach out to Blue Dragon either here (PMs are nice, but public's cool, too. Whatever you're comfortable with doing), or email

**Quick disclaimer: We are NOT taking early applications. The application period for the first zine of this year begins April 1st. Any applications sent before that window will NOT be considered at this time. You're fine to start working, but we're not starting the first come/first served until the application period. I feel it would be unfair to take things this early, and our crew is also still juggling our stuff. This message is to give people advance notification to start preparing for CFZ applications :D
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